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A drishti is a point towards which the gaze should be directed during the practice of an asana. For every asana, this point is as well-defined as the breathing rhythm. There are several reasons for this:

  • The most important one is to support concentration. A wandering gaze distracts from the exercise and diminishes it, physically as well as mentally.
  • A drishti may help you remind yourself of something very important, e. g. by directing the gaze toward the navel during a forward bend and thus reminding yourself to hold the bandhas.
  • Keeping drishti is an eye exercise.

There are nine drishtis in total:

Ajna chakra
or broomadhya - Between the Eyebrows

Angustha ma dyai – Thumbs

Hastagrai – Hand

Nabi chakra – Navel

Nasagrai - Tip of the Nose

Padhayoragrai – Toes

Parsva drishti - Far to the Right

Parsva drishti - Far to the Left

Urdhva drishti - Up to the Sky

Usually, the drishti is in the direction of the stretch. 

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